YouTube Drum Covers & Drums Only Tracks

Drum covers by female drummer Manu Holmer on her YouTube channel
Drum covers by Manu Holmer

Drum covers or drums only tracks are a great way to express ones creativity.

This is what I’m thankful to have learned recently.

However, being a female drummer for over 15 years years, it felt like I’ve seen it all.

At least before taking my steps into the YouTube cover song universe:

Tiny and huge stages, incredible and not so fancy places, adorable and meh fellow musicians.

When I finally started my own drum cover channel on YouTube in June 2019, this was a whole new world to me:

So many songs to learn!

Such a huge amount of videos to be inspired by!

And what I’ve learned so far, such a great community to get in touch with. 🙂

One of my drum covers on my YouTube channel – Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

Why Am I Recording Drum Covers And Drums Only Tracks?

-Please note: Both my YouTube channels ar currently paused (November 2023).

A friend of mine asked me some time ago why I am doing the ‘drum cover thing’. For me, there are some pretty good reasons for this:

  1. I get to know people around the world I would otherwise never get in touch with.
  2. The community helps me to grow as a musician and person by giving honest feedback.
  3. It’s always good to have fresh material when applying for bands.
  4. I’m practically forced to practice with more awareness because the cover has to sound AND look enjoyable.
  5. Doing a drum cover is simply great fun! 🙂

What’s the deal for you?

To be perfectly honest, I never watched a lot of cover songs before I tried them out myself.

The main reason for this was that I simply didn’t know how creative some covers actually could be.

Mainly, I listened to the original tune and thought ‘Awesome!’ or ‘Well, I might have played it in a different way…’

But that was it for me.

Drum covers female drummer

However, I never knew that it could be that interesting to listen to people doing the latter.

And how much you could learn from it!

So if you’re a drummer, I highly recommend checking out some drum covers.

They’re at times unbelievable well done and I’m sure you’ll find a huge amount of inspirational material.

Also, it’s really nice to connect to music enthusiasts around the world.

And maybe at some point you’ll be inspired to do some of your own?

All about drumming

Ah, I almost forgot: I’m uploading a new video each Sunday.

Take a look if you like – I’d love to get me some of your helpful feedback. 🙂

In addition, I’d like to recommend my blog on

There you’ll find interesting articles about how to become a better drummer and musician.

Have a great time and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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