How Hard Is It To Learn Drums REALLY?

How hard is it to learn the drums

Ok, you want to become a drummer. Hey, congrats and a great decision! However, you might be wondering: How hard is it to learn drums? Really.

Am I going to have a tough time? And how long will it take me to become a good drummer?

I know, I know … these are very good questions. So to help you out, I’m going to answer both of them for you.

Let’s start off with the first one:

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Why Do You Love Drumming That Much?

Love for drumming

Why do you love drumming that much?

Drumming and me are sitting on a tree … Well, wait?!

Besides of the little joke:

Drumming is a HUGE love for many of us. It’s just the feeling you get when sitting behind the kit. And so much more!

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The ONE Samba Drum Beat You Have To Know

Samba Drum Beat 16th notes

Looking for an awesome samba drum beat to learn? Great idea! Those grooves are not only a lot of fun to play, but also a wonderful exercise. On top, they sound awesome.

So to get you going, I’m sharing my all-time favorite samba drum beat with you.

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3 Highly Productive Things To Do Today As A Drummer

Highly productive things to do drum

Wondering about productive things to do today as a drummer? Awesome question.

Better answer:

In this article, you’ll find 3 great ideas to spice up your drum set practice routine from today on.

Let’s rock them, shall we?

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How Do Drummers Keep Tempo?

Drummer Tempo and Timing

So you’ve seen a great drummer at a gig. The guy or girl was playing awesome. You definitely had to wonder: Wow, how do drummers keep tempo?

I mean: It’s almost like you’re listening to a clock, right?

And yes, you kind of are.

It’s the so-called inner clock skilled drummers rely on.

The outer clock’s important too.

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The Best Drum Seat I Have Ever Had

Best Drum Seat Review

Being a drummer? Well, then we have something in common: Not only are we both drummers, but we also sit a lot. So we should really do ourselves a favor and get the best drum seat we can get for our money.

That’s not only good for our health, but also a big plus for our drumming skills.

The truth is:

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Is Playing Drums In An Apartment Impossible?

Can you play drums in an apartment?

Playing drums is great. Playing drums in an apartment … Well, it depends.

To be honest: Most of the time, it’s a tough task to master.

We don’t have to talk about the reasons, right?

However, you can make playing drums in an apartment work with a few adjustments. So it’s not impossible.


Let’s look into it, shall we?

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