About Me, A Female Drummer And The Story

Being a female drummer

How I became a female drummer

Once upon a time there was a young girl who thought musicians were pretty cool.

So she wanted to become a part of their world. What she didn’t know: How to do it.

As nobody could help her, she decided to go to a local swimming pool instead of a rehearsal room.

How should she know: This marked the beginning of her unique musical journey as a female drummer.

Let’s clear things up: The girl was me, around 13 years ago. I’m 27 year old Manu Holmer and this is my story. 🙂

Female drummer: My early musical beginnings

You know, as I kid I learned to play the recorder like so many children here in Germany. I also sang in a choir for the local church but those activities didn’t fit me at all. At some point, my interest in making music was totally gone.

What has always been an important part of my life, however, was listening to music. Especially when going in my parents’ car I loved it!

Know music, know life.

The drums choose you and not vice versa

As I mentioned before, there was this day … It’s crazy to think about but the 24 hours changed my whole life:

I met up with a friend at a local swimming pool. Actually, I didn’t want to go but my mum persuaded me. (Thanks, mum! 🙂 ) When I arrived, everything was as expected:

Nothing special. Except the fact that there was another person hanging around. Victoria? Valeria? I don’t remember her name but the two girls were talking about a band searching for a drummer.

And the friend of my friend asked me whether I knew one – I surely didn’t. But suddenly, one thought came to my mind.

I replied:

Well, I know how to play the drums. Maybe you should tell them.

Boom! Nobody knew this side of me. Even I didn’t as I haven’t touched a drum set before.

But hey, I got the job! 😀

Now I had to get me some drums. And some knowledge of how to handle them …

Long short story: I never met the guys or girls playing in this band.

But I did meet my to this day love, namely the drums! In addition, I found myself enjoying making music again. What an unexpectedly great day this turned out to be.

More than a girl and her drumset

Besides being known as a female drummer, music teacher and blogger, I’m a frugalist.

For me, this lifestyle comes naturally as I love autonomy in each part of my life. And of course this has to contain the financial aspects as well.

To be honest, I don’t like owning stuff I don’t care about. You see: I strive for simplicity not only in my drumming.

Do you want to learn more about me? → Feel free to check out my blog on shedrums.

For German speakers there also might be some good reads on manuholmer.de where I’ve been blogging since February 2017.

Or maybe you’re interested in some drum covers.

If this is the case, I highly recommend paying a visit to my YouTube channel.

You can also watch some of my vlogs.

Whatever you choose: Take care and have a great time!


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