How To Motivate Yourself To Practice The Drums Regularly

Practice the drums regularly tips

Practice the drums regularly is a crucial element to become the musician you want to be. However, it’s sometimes a tough task to sit down behind the kit to do what has to be done.

To help you find your personal routine, you’ll find tried and tested tips in this article. But first, let’s take a look at why practicing the drums regularly is so important for achieving your goals.

Why practice the drums regularly?

Doing something over and over again correctly helps you to learn something properly. You become better at it and, what’s even more important if you ask me, is:

While having more fun playing the drums, you also become more self confident in what you are doing around the kit.

Of course, practicing the drums regularly is just one step to become the musician you want to be. Having goals matching you is important as well.

In addition, it’s always good to know why you practice something. This helps you to push through when times get tough. And trust me: Sooner or later, this is the case for every drummer.

So establishing a regular drum practice routine not only helps you to become a better and more confident musician. It also is a reliable basis in terms of staying motivated.

Tried and tested tips for your drumming routine

If you want to stick to a regular practice routine, you have to make sure it suits your personal needs. You can get inspiration by other musicians, but don’t compare yourself to them in an overly ambitious way.


Each drummer is different. His or her practice habits have to be unique too.

Also, don’t get into complex routines. Keep them as easy to follow as possible. For example:

Focus on one goal you can achieve. Then, divide this goal into smaller steps. They will add up to your big vision over time. This will motivate you to come back to practicing with more ease.

On the other hand, goals that seem impossible to achieve because of their complexity might give you a hard time. You might not know where to start and for this reason become frustrated. That’s something to definitely avoid.

Practice the drums: Because it’s for you!

Another tried and tested advice I can give you is to get into the habit of practicing the drums at the same time each day. This date is very important – it’s for you to have fun and work on your goals at the same time.

Make drumming a priority for you if you feel the need to do so. This will help you to be more motivated. However, don’t get too much into it. Rather, stay flexible in how you can achieve what you want to achieve.

It also is a tried and tested idea to work with a practice plan. When doing so, this will help you to take the right steps for achieving your goals. Of course, don’t hesitate to ask a drum teacher for advice too. Especially as a drum newbie, this can be crucial for your motivation.

Practice the drums regularly – just do it.

Besides of

  • having a plan,
  • setting goals and
  • knowing your why –

one of the most important tips is to just do it. Because you can overthink everything and never start … So if you want to practice the drums regularly, you simply have to do so.

Grab your sticks, decide on what to work on and start now. Motivation is a by-product of taking action. That’s the great and – for some – not so great news about rocking the drums. 🙂

You can do it!


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