For Drummers: 3 Crucial Tips On How To Stay Motivated When Times Are Rough

How to stay motivated when times are rough tips for drummers

How to stay motivated when times are rough?

Heck, that’s a good question – not only for drummers!

I mean:

Each of us has those days when things don’t turn out as we initially planned, right?

Being a musician for some years now, I know rough times too well.

But that’s OK, because I really learned a lot going through them.

So in today’s article, I want to share 3 tips helping you to stay motivated when … yeah, when you’re having some trouble.

Trust me:

Things might be rough but better times are always awaiting around the corner.

So let’s rock them! 🙂

Accept it and push through [1st tip]

When times are rough, you only have two options:

Either you 1. quit or 2. push through. That’s all! Or what else could you do?

So if you don’t want to – and I’m almost sure you don’t because you wouldn’t read this article otherwise 🙂 – you can only accept what’s happening right now.

And of course you should make it better next time.

Speaking of: It won’t be sometimes.

Yes, at some points you’re not given a second chance like maybe at auditioning or playing a life gig.

But that’s OK, too!

Because you’ve already given the best you can – at least for now.

How to stay motivated? Take one step back [2nd tip]

Somehow we often only see what’s lying ahead of us.

The huge goal we want to accomplish.

The work that has to be done. But we overlook the steps we’ve taken so far.

That’s not only a pity, but can also be discouraging.

And again, I’m not only writing about drumming.

My next tip or advice for this reason is:

When times are rough, take one step back.

Look at what you’ve already accomplished.

And don’t forget to celebrate your musical journey!

Celebrate each drumming goal you’ve accomplished – and tackle new ones.

Also, don’t hesitate to take a break.

At some points, it’s necessary to rearrange your focus by doing so.

Speaking of:

Keep the big AND small goals in mind [3rd tip]

Have you ever started something and failed at it?

I mean, like wanting to learn an instrument for example?

You might have been really motivated but at some time, you totally lost it.

Yeah, who doesn’t know that tbh? 🙂

It’s surely not because we’re untalented or lazy.

To the contrary!

But our goals might have been a problem:

If we want to stay motivated during rough times, I believe our goals are a key element for doing so.

When goals seem too big to achieve, discouragement is a constant threat:

Man, how am I able to succeed? That’s way too much to learn and do!

So we better go for smaller goals.

Like releasing a new video on your YouTube channel each and every week.

At the same time, the goal needs to be HUGE too.

Because without a great vision, we might not put in the effort needed to succeed at something.

So when times are rough, wisely set goals help us to stay focused.

They also help us to push through which is indispensable.

Yeah, times might be challenging. But nothing is over till it’s over. 🙂

Or what do you think?


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