Why Drum Lessons? 13 Powerful Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Drum lessons benefits and pros for beginners

Are drum lessons worth your cash?

After all, you could teach yourself to play the drums.



However, there are some powerful benefits to drum lessons you simply can’t ignore.

Let’s take a look at 13 of them in this drumming guide.

1. You’ll Learn How To Play The Drums In The Most Efficient Way

Proper instruction will help you progress much faster as a drummer.

That’s why many professionals are still taking lessons from time to time.

If you want to learn how to play the drums efficiently, professional lessons are a proven way to do so.

2. Expert Drum Lessons Provide You With A Clear System To Follow

Professional drum lessons always provide structure for your individual learning progress.

This means:

You’ll learn everything you need to reach your personal drumming goals.

Basically, a clear drumming system makes it easy to follow your own learning path.

That’s another huge benefit of drum lessons, not only for beginners.

3. You’ll Highly Benefit From Personal Feedback

Getting feedback from an experienced drum teacher is worth a lot.

It’s a solid basis for making impactful improvements like building your perfect practice routine or finding your own drumming style.

Again, this can speed up your drumming progress significantly.


Let’s not forget that a professional’s job is to identify and correct mistakes.

Ever felt stuck with

Your teacher will share feedback and tips to help you finally solve your problems.

Speaking of:

4. An Expert Will Help You Find Practical Solutions For Your Problems

Learning to play the drums is great fun, but also a challenge from time to time.

That’s because sooner or later, every drummer will face problems.

They can range from

  • issues with your drumming technique causing pain or blisters to
  • the lack of understanding a drum beat or
  • declining motivation.

Such challenges might seem impossible to handle at first.

Still, you can solve them.

This process will be sped up thanks to your drum teacher.

5. Drum Lessons Motivative You To Practice Regularly

If you want to be outstanding as a drummer, you will spend a lot of dedicated practice time.

This can be a challenge for many reasons.

After all, there is more than learning to play the drums in a life.

That’s when drum lessons provide a huge benefit again:

As you know that you’re going to see your teacher on day X, you’re likely to prepare for the lesson.

Especially in rough times or when motivation is declining, this regularity can help you push through.


6. Drum Lessons Can Reduce Stress

Learning to drum can make your life so much brighter.

That’s because it adds more creativity and joy of learning to your everyday life.

Also, playing a musical instrument can help you reduce stress.

The same goes for taking drum lessons.

7. Another Huge Benefit: Fun

For me, drumming is

  • a lifelong passion,
  • creative freedom
  • and lots of fun.

What’s not to like about making music, really? 😀

Also, the best drum lessons are enjoyable as well.

You’ll have a good time, while learning how to play your favorite instrument.

8. You’ll Learn How To Interact With Other Musicians

Have you already joined a jam or played a gig?

And do you still feel slightly insecure when drumming in front of others?

That’s something I’ve noticed a lot with beginners (including myself back then):

Many of them are inhibited at first.

The good news is:

You can learn to interact and play in front of others.

During your lessons, that’s something you practice with your drum instructor.

After all, she or he is another musician, right? 🙂

9. You Don’t Waste Money On Drumming Equipment You Actually Don’t Need

Some drummers love to buy new equipment.

Others don’t – for various reasons.

But which drumming equipment do you really need?

What’s the best drum set for you as a beginner?

And does it really make sense to buy yet another drum book, or online course?


There’s an endless range of drumming equipment you could buy.

Chances are high that sooner or later, you’ll buy stuff you don’t really need.

On the other hand, you can simply ask your teacher:

Do you think this is a good buy for me? And if not, what do you recommend instead?

These two questions have helped me save a lot of money in the past.

Yet another reason why drum lessons might be worth your cash.

10. Drum Lessons Can Help You Connect With Other Music Enthusiasts

Expert drum lessons are often held in music institutes or music schools.

The teachers have strong connections with each other.

Plus, their network is likely to extend beyond the music school.

That’s a huge benefit for you:

Let’s say, you’re looking for a band.

Your drum teacher can ask other experts if one of their students is interested in forming a new band.

Maybe you also get in contact with other musicians who are joining a music school concert as well.

That’s another opportunity to build strong relationships.

11. You’ll Save A Lot Of Time

Time is the most valuable asset.

We can always have more money, but never more time.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to spend it wisely.

Drum lessons help you do so.

After all, they are very likely to speed up your drumming progress.

12. Your Drum Teacher Can Help You Make Better Desicions

Ever felt unsure about

Your drum teacher has a lot of experience.

He or she is glad to share it with you.

This will help you make better decisions now and in the long run.

13. Rough Times Become Less Rough

Regular contact with experienced drummers is worth a lot.

Most of them are eager to share their knowledge and personal experience with struggles or failure.

And yes, failure or struggles are part of a drummer’s journey.

That’s simply because they are part of life.

When taking drum lessons, you don’t need to face them alone.

Your teacher is by your side, providing

  • tips,
  • inspiration and
  • a neutral view for finding solutions.

That’s another huge benefit of drum lessons:

You learn to play drums efficiently thanks to having access to expert wisdom.

This combination is set up to make rough times less rough.

But you might still wonder:

Are Drum Lessons Right For You?

I’m a huge fan of expert drum lessons.

I took them for many years, and I’ll certainly get back to them in the future.

However, you can definitely teach yourself how to play the drums.

What’s the best way to learn drumming for you, then?

My two cents:

I recommend high-quality drum lessons for most drummers, as they provide some outstanding benefits.

At the same time, I don’t recommend them for ALL drummers.

Taking drum lessons is a personal decision.

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of yet another appointment, it might be wiser to become a self-taught drummer.

At least for now.

You can still take lessons in the future.

And maybe you want to enroll in an online course as well.


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