For Best Progress: How Long & How Often Practice Drums As A Beginner?

How long and often practice drums beginners

How long should you practice the drums as a beginner?

And should you practice every day for best progress?

These are two frequently asked questions by drum beginners.

In this article, I’m going to answer both for you.

Let’s start off with this one:

Should You Practice Each Day?

If you’re able to, you can practice drums each day.

This has tons of benefits for your playing.

The most important of them has to be:

When you practice every day, you’ll likely make progresses much faster.

(And you experience the joy of drumming on a daily basis as well. :-))

However, you simply might not have the time to drum daily.

I know, our lives can be really packed …

So, what if you simply don’t have enough time for a daily drum routine?

Practice regularly!

Regularly means:

Maybe you can practice each second or third day of the week.

That’s fine, too.

Just make sure to come back to your drum set regularly.

By doing so, you establish a helpful drumming routine.

Also, you will notice results much quicker.

Of course:

Make sure to practice drums the right way.

This will save you tons of

  • time,
  • energy
  • and nerves.

Drumeo’s Jared Falk published some great tips that will improve your drum practice routine.

I also find this video by Drum Beats Online really helpful:

How Long Should You Practice The Drums?

Practicing the drums daily is great.

But sometimes, that’s simply not possible.


Regularity is the key.

Quality practice time beats quantity!

How long should you practice drums each day as a beginner? – that’s the other big question.

Thing is:

It again depends on you.

If you’re able to practice 60 minutes daily, that’s awesome.

Maybe, you’re able to drum 30 minutes each second day of the week.

You only can spend 10 minutes, each Friday and Saturday?

That’s fine as well!

As I said, quality practice time is the key – just like regularity.

But let’s imagine a perfect drummer’s day without any other obligations.

How long would you practice then?

Daily and at least 25 minutes as a beginner.

25 minutes is as long as one pomodoro unit.

That’s a great basis for making satisfying progress while not overwhelming yourself.

And sure:

You can always practice more – or less – if you like.

Speaking of:

How long, and how often do you practice the drums?

Share your tips in the comments!


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