Quarter Notes On Drums: An Introduction For Beginners

Quarter notes explained drummers

How do you play quarter notes on the drums?

Great question!

After all, quarters are a crucial note value for drum beginners and beyond.

That’s why I’m going to share some practical tips today.

Let’s start the introduction with the symbol for quarters, shall we? 🙂

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What The Heck Is A Drum Solo?

What's a drum solo

A drum solo?

What the heck is that?

You can define a solo as a musical story played on the drum kit.

This story can be shorter or longer, depending on

  • your personal taste,
  • the available time frame and/or
  • the music you’re playing your solo around.

And how do you master the art of playing a drum solo?

This practical drumming guide will provide you with some helpful tips.

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Drumming Terms Made Easy: What Is A Groove?

Drum groove explained

What is a groove in drumming?

If you’re new to playing the drums, this question will pop up sooner or later.

I will explain the term in this beginner’s guide today.

Let’s go! 🙂

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3 Essential Drumming Skills To Be Aware Of

Essential drumming skills explained

Which essential drumming skills are the most important?

Do you need to focus on

  • keeping the tempo?
  • mesmerizing a lot of beats?
  • understanding rhythmic characteristics?

Yes, you should definitely work on these skills.

However, there are more essentials to master.

Let’s call them the fundamentals you should definitely be aware of.

If you master them, playing the drums becomes not only much easier.

It also becomes even more fun.

What are these three fundamentals, then?

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Roland Electronic Drums: 10 Reasons Why I Recommend Them

Roland electric drums opinion

So, you want to buy your first electronic drum kit.

But which one is the best pick for you?

Personally, I recommend electronic drums by Roland.

They are also known as V-Drums, offering everything needed to learn playing the drums right from the start.

I’ve been using my Roland TD-1DMK since 2019.

If you’ve watched some of my YouTube videos, you might already know it.

That’s why I recommend their electronic drum kits:

I’m convinced they are worth your money.

Obviously, there have to be various reasons why I recommend Roland electronic drum sets for beginners.

We’ll take a look at 10 of their benefits in this drumming guide.

Please notice:

I’m solely sharing my personal

  • thoughts,
  • experiences
  • and opinion

to help you find the best electronic drum set.

This guide is not sponsored by Roland.

With that said, let’s take a look at the first benefit:

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Why Drum Lessons? 13 Powerful Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Drum lessons benefits and pros for beginners

Are drum lessons worth your cash?

After all, you could teach yourself to play the drums.



However, there are some powerful benefits to drum lessons you simply can’t ignore.

Let’s take a look at 13 of them in this drumming guide.

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What Is A Drum Fill?

Drum fill explained

What is a drum fill?

And how can you tell it apart from a drum groove or beat?

In this short guide for beginners, you’ll learn

  • a simple definition of drum fills (or fill-ins)
  • and what sets them apart from beats or grooves.

This knowledge will not only help you understand your drumming exercises better.

It will also give you precious insights on why you’re playing what you’re playing on the drum kit.

Sounds great?

Agreed! 😀

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Been Criticized As A Drummer? Read On!

Tips for dealing with criticism as a drummer

You’ve been criticized as a drummer?

Ouch … not cool.

Not at all.

Being criticized hurts.

It’s a shitty feeling, and you might be discouraged right now.

Totally understandable.

I’ve been criticized, too, you know.

That’s why I’m writing this guide today.

As a fellow drummer, I want to show you that

  • it’s actually a good thing to be criticized,
  • why it’s still perfectly fine to feel bad about it
  • and how you can transform your pain into something beautiful.

Yes, you’re able to take great advantage of the criticism you received.

So, read on.

You might be surprised.

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8 Very Easy Drum Beats For Beginners (Free Notes)

Easy drum beats for beginners free PDF

Learning very easy drum beats is a great idea:

As a beginner, you

  • can memorize them quite fast,
  • play them to many popular songs or
  • use them to expand your drumming vocabulary.

Each of the 8 drum beats I’m going to explain in today’s guide is perfectly suited for beginners on the drum set.


I’m sharing a free sheet music PDF with our 8 very easy drum beats as well.

Just download the notes and add them to your collection of drums sheet music.

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