How To Drum Faster: The Basic Rule

How To Drum Faster

Everybody wants to drum faster, right?

The good news is:

Everybody can drum faster.

It’s no rocket science.

But how can you increase your speed around the kit?

Let’s find out today.

But please notice:

This drumming guide is a great read for you if you want to play the drums up to 200 BPM.

Personally, I’m no speed metal drummer, and I don’t play crazy fast uptempo swing either.

I’m sure my tips work for such tempos as well, but I can’t prove it myself.

And no, I don’t intend to practice until I can prove it. 😉

Want to drum up to 200 BPM?

Read on!

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14 Basic Rock Drum Beats (+ Free PDF Notes!)

Rock drum beats for beginners PDF

Basic rock drum beats are awesome!

They sound fantastic and are relatively easy to learn.

Plus, they have this certain feel to them.

You know it:

They make your head bang with utterly joy! 🙂

For this reason, I thought of sharing some of the best basic rock drum beats for beginners today.

Please notice:

This drumming guide also includes a free PDF and helpful practice tips for you.

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3 Essential Drumming Skills To Be Aware Of

Essential drumming skills explained

Which essential drumming skills are the most important?

Do you need to focus on

  • keeping the tempo?
  • mesmerizing a lot of beats?
  • understanding rhythmic characteristics?

Yes, you should definitely work on these skills.

However, there are more essentials to master.

Let’s call them the fundamentals you should definitely be aware of.

If you master them, playing the drums becomes not only much easier.

It also becomes even more fun.

What are these three fundamentals, then?

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My Best Tip On Drum Practice Time Management For Busy Adults

Drum practice tips time management for adult beginners

You’re struggling with your drum practice time management?

Totally understandable.

The thing is:

When you’re an adult, you’ve got a lot of tasks to accomplish every day.

Balancing drumming with work, family and other commitments can be daunting.

For this reason, I’m going to share my best tip on drum practice time management in this compact guide.

This will help you

  • progress faster on the drums while
  • become less stressed caring for your loved ones
  • and balance drumming with your work in general.
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5 Beginner-Friendly Four On The Floor Drum Beats (PDF Notes)

Drum Notes for beginners free PDF

Four on the floor drum beats are a superb addition to your drumming library:

They not only sound cool but are also fun and versatile to play.

Basically, you can use them in various musical situations.

That’s why we’re going to look at 5 four on the floor drum beats for beginners today.

Free PDF notes with all the grooves included. 🙂

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5 Savvy Tips On How To Find Your Own Drumming Style

5 tips on how to find your own drumming style

How do I find my own drumming style?

Back in my early years as a drummer, I’ve been asking myself this question a lot.

I also know many other drummers would love to know more about this topic.

Could I find an answer to this frequently asked question, then?


And that’s why I’m going to share 5 savvy tips with you today.

They will help you find your own drum style, too.

Ready to express yourself? 🙂

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The Importance Of Ear Training For Beginner Drummers

Ideas And Tips On Ear Training For Beginner Drummers

How important is ear training for beginner drummers?

You see, learning to play the drums is not just about keeping a steady beat.

It’s also not about nailing fancy fills or mastering certain drumming techniques.

Instead, learning the drums demands a keen sense of

For this reason, ear training is a vital aspect of becoming the drummer you want to be.

That’s why in today’s drumming guide, I’m going to provide you with 7 outstandingly helpful ideas to enhance your listening skills.


We’ll explore the significance of ear training for beginner drummers to start with.

This will help you understand and train your ears in the most practical way.

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8 Very Easy Drum Beats For Beginners (Free Notes)

Easy drum beats for beginners free PDF

Learning very easy drum beats is a great idea:

As a beginner, you

  • can memorize them quite fast,
  • play them to many popular songs or
  • use them to expand your drumming vocabulary.

Each of the 8 drum beats I’m going to explain in today’s guide is perfectly suited for beginners on the drum set.


I’m sharing a free sheet music PDF with our 8 very easy drum beats as well.

Just download the notes and add them to your collection of drums sheet music.

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How To Jam With Other Musicians As A Drum Beginner

Tips for drum beginners on how to jam with other musicians

You’re a drum beginner, and you’re finally going to jam with other musicians?

Great idea!

There’s a lot of fun waiting just around the corner. 🙂

At the same time, you might wonder:

How can you collaborate and jam with other musicians?

After all, that’s a whole new experience for you.

In this drumming guide, you’ll find some tried and tested tips helping you successfully prepare for your jam sessions.

You’ll also learn about things you should avoid when collaborating with other musicians.

But first, let’s answer this frequently asked question:

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