3 Rules Of How To Become A Successful Drummer

Tips how to become a successful drummer

How can you become a successful drummer?

That’s a great question.

In today’s article, we’re going to answer it.

I’m sharing 3 rules helping you crack this goal.

Please notice:

This article is not for you when you’re searching for tips and hacks to sharpen your drumming skills.

It’s about becoming a successful drummer in terms of a way of life.

Also, they are key elements for making a proper living by drumming and beyond.

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Drum Tabs & Why I Simply Don’t Like Them

I don't like drum tabs

Drum tabs? Uagh! I. Do. Not. Like. Them. Don’t get me wrong: I can understand why some people love ’em.

  • There are a lot of them available online – also for free.
  • There is no drum notation software required to write them down.
  • They are easy to read, learn and understand. (At least for some.)
  • Drum tabs don’t require you to read formal drum notes.

Heck, so why do I simply don’t like them?

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Why Do You Love Drumming That Much?

Love for drumming

Why do you love drumming that much?

Drumming and me are sitting on a tree … Well, wait?!

Besides of the little joke:

Drumming is a HUGE love for many of us. It’s just the feeling you get when sitting behind the kit. And so much more!

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The Best Drum Seat I Have Ever Had

Best Drum Seat Review

Being a drummer? Well, then we have something in common: Not only are we both drummers, but we also sit a lot. So we should really do ourselves a favor and get the best drum seat we can get for our money.

That’s not only good for our health, but also a big plus for our drumming skills.

The truth is:

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How To Use My Free Drums Only Tracks For Your YouTube Videos

Free drums only covers female drummer

You’ve been looking for free drums only tracks for years now? Now you’re at the point where you think of just quitting? Search no more!

Instead, save time and simply use my content for creating awesome new YouTube videos on your channel. 🙂

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