How To Deal With A Bad Day Drumming

Tips bad day of drumming

Had a bad day drumming?

Yeah … feel you.

We all know these days:

Everything just seems to go wrong.

Shouldn’t you play better already?

Groove more?

Play more?

Feel more?

Bad Days Drumming Might Suck, But …

You know what inspired me to write this blog post?

I had a bad day drumming myself.

Or let’s say, another bad day.

It wasn’t the first one in my over 15 years of drumming.

And it definitely won’t be the last one.

But what happened?

My concentration was outstandingly weak.

Also, I had some pain in my shoulder again.

Nevertheless, I still wanted to hit the kit.

So I went to my rehearsal room.

The result?

Well, not my best performance, to say the least.

But I still had some fun.

Yay. 🙂

Let me say it clear:

There will be bad days drumming for ALL of us.



Even your drum teacher.

Yes, such days stink.

But there’s simply no way to avoid them.

Unless you stop playing the drums, of course.

But that’s not an option, right?

How To Get Over A Rough Time Playing The Drums

It’s OK to fail.

It’s also OK to make wrong decisions or have a shitty day.

Or week.

Or a month.

Everybody struggles now and then, obviously even professionals do.

That’s life.

But can’t you really do nothing about a bad day drumming?

Actually, you can:

It’s up to you how you react to it.

And no, I won’t tell you how you should react.

I’m not you, so I can only share what works for me:

As I’m totally aware that bad days drumming do happen, I accept them.

There are things you simply can’t control.

This doesn’t mean I’m totally stoked about having a shitty drumming day.

Not at all, why should I?

But when I can’t love or change something, I need to accept it. (Or leave it.)

That’s my advice on how to deal with a bad day for you as well:

It’s perfectly fine to feel sad, angry, or discouraged about it.

But in the end, it’s “only” a day of drumming that failed to meet your expectations.

Think about how many wonderful days drumming you were blessed to enjoy up till now.

I bet there are WAY more wonderful days.

Or maybe even

  • weeks,
  • months
  • or years.

Am I right?

The thing is:

There will always be challenges in (drumming) life.

Some bigger, some smaller.

Ups and downs are part of the game for all of us.

So, if a day didn’t meet your expectations, that’s OK.

It’s normal.

How you react makes the difference.

I wrote this blog post to motivate other drummers.

What will you make out your bad drumming day?

Maybe it will inspire you to

  • finally take drum lessons,
  • start working on your practice routine
  • or invest in helpful equipment.

The choice is always up to you.

That’s the great thing.


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