Can Drums Be Stored In The Cold?

Store drums cold temperatures

Can drums be stored in the cold? That’s a good question! In this article, I’ll share my personal experience and tips for beginners.

My Personal Experiences With Storing Drums In The Cold

Sometimes, your drums have to endure low temperatures. A great example is coming home after playing a gig:

You’re returning in the middle of the night.

Already tired, you simply don’t feel like setting-up your instruments in your rehearsal room.

Instead, you leave them in the car overnight.

Is this a problem?

I’ve done this a lot in the past. To be honest, I still do it today. So my answer to the question can drums be stored in the cold? definitely is a YES.

Also, I’ve never noticed any damages to my instruments coming from cold temperatures.

However, watch out for humidity or moisture in your storing space.

This can be an issue with drums when you’re storing them in a garage, for example.

Moisture Vs. Your Drums

What happens, when moisture meets drum parts made of

  • wood,
  • iron
  • or metal?

The materials will suffer when they are exposed to humidity for too long.

Wood for example might expand or even burst. Iron is likely to get rusty. The same goes for other metals.

That’s what I noticed with some of my instruments, too. Especially rust is something I need to deal with over a decade of playing my acoustic drum set now.

So what I can tell you from my experience is this:

Drums can be stored in the cold, but the room should be dry.

Is it the best way to take store of your instruments?

To be honest, I don’t think so.

Sometimes, however, you don’t have a better choice than to store your drums in the cold. As I said, that’s often the case when returning from a concert.

What You Can Do Now

Can drums be stored in the cold? If you ask me, that’s totally possible. I do so as well.

Yet, it’s important that doing so makes you feel good. For example, some drummers really want to have the best rehearsal room for their instruments.

If that’s sounding like you, storing your drums in the cold won’t make you happy.

Also remember that I can’t promise that low temperatures won’t hurt your instruments. I’m just sharing my own experiences on my drumming blog:

Both my acoustic and electronic drums are exposed to low temperatures. They are working perfectly fine.

How you’re storing your drums after all still is up to you.

As I don’t know your storing space, however, I can’t give an overall answer to this question.

I just know, it works for me. So I’m pretty sure it will work for you as well.


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