108 Reasons Why Drumming Is Good For You

benefits of drumming

Why drumming is good for you? Well, I could give you a whole list of reasons. But …

Nope, I actually will.

That’s what I’m going to do:

Right below, you’ll find my 108 best reasons why drumming is good for you.

Most of them I have experienced by myself.

Others are proved by scientific research.

If you want to have an additional reason added, share your thoughts in the comments below.

But now, let’s start with my ultimate feel drumming feel good list. 🙂

Drumming …

  1. is FREAKING fun.
  2. reliefs stress.
  3. helps you cope with all of your emotions.
  4. let’s you be creative.
  5. will make you smarter – or at least that’s what some scientists say.
  6. gives you a great reason to get out of your comfort zone.
  7. clears your mind.
  8. will bring you into the flow sooner or later.
  9. boosts your self-esteem.
  10. helps you make new musical friends.
  11. constantly presents you with fun challenges.
  12. strengthens your rhythmical understanding.
  13. inspires you to life your live louder NOW.
  14. makes you want to discover not only new music, but other cultures as well.
  15. helps you focus on one thing at a time.
  16. makes your heart dance of joy whenever you learned something new.
  17. will provide you with a good sense of timing over time.
  18. gives you so much to learn, you will never again be bored.
  19. is a great way to express yourself
  20. and also impressing others (if that’s what you like to do.)
  21. finally helps you understand this damn cryptic music notation!
  22. might be a lifelong love that lifts your mood each day.
  23. could inspire you to take on a certain challenge like
  24. finally living your dream and become a pro drummer.
  25. gives you courage to stand up for your own needs.
  26. will make you be heard even if you don’t like to speak up.
  27. releases your inner artist.
  28. helps you explain feelings when words fail.
  29. is a creative stress, pain and anxiety reliever.
  30. feels like a safe place you can always come back to.
  31. makes you jump and dance around full of joy.
  32. inspires you to simply seize the moment.
  33. let’s you appreciate the small things in life again.
  34. is not here to judge you – be yourself. Just listen.
  35. gives you a way to be an artist on your own terms.
  36. teaches you a lot about yourself, your needs and personal limits.
  37. makes your time a precious investment.
  38. gives you a hug when nobody else will.
  39. grows your resilience.
  40. teaches you the joy & importance of discipline.
  41. will give you the best time ever
  42. while making you humble from now and then.
  43. let’s you escape all the bullshit of life for a moment.
  44. gets your brain active.
  45. improves your independence between hands and feet.
  46. helps you get in shape – it burns calories.
  47. is a productive way to spend your spare time.
  48. gives you something to look forward to each day.
  49. boostens your ability to concentrate.
  50. maximzes your understanding of rhythmic patterns and
  51. makes you understand the essence of music on a whole new level.
  52. adds little or bigger achievements to strive for each day. Hello, motivation!
  53. shows you that you can learn ANYTHING – drumming included.
  54. might inspire you to tackle other goals you found too difficult up until now.
  55. let’s you be yourself in an artistic and physical way.
  56. is a great way to be emotional and productive at the same time.
  57. adds joy to your daily life.
  58. will make you think more creative.
  59. provides food and input for your brain – constantly.
  60. makes you take responsibility for your results.
  61. shows you what is possible in (musical) life.
  62. gets you in a good mood or
  63. helps you cope with anger and disappointment productively.
  64. can show your hidden limiting believes about yourself.
  65. distracts you from unhealthy habits like watching TV for hours on end.
  66. gives you something to talk about with people you don’t know. Handy for shy people!
  67. improves your multitasking-abilities behind the drum kit.
  68. can spice up your language and other skills.
  69. strengthens your ability to properly manage your time
  70. and opens up new ways on how to achieve personal goals.
  71. makes you more self-confident and self-aware.
  72. let’s you become more patient.
  73. will boost your communication skills.
  74. is a great training for your ears. Speaking of being able to REALLY listen to others.
  75. will make you more empathic.
  76. adds special knowledge to your life.
  77. shows you what can be achieved by simply commit to something.
  78. helps you appreciate music even more.
  79. gets you in a relaxed state of mind.
  80. strengthens your muscles.
  81. inspires you to make brave decisions of and for your own.
  82. is an act of self-love.
  83. gives you a deeper understanding of your favorite songs.
  84. re-adjusts your focus if needed.
  85. satisfies your curiosity.
  86. provides you with a willingness to learn for your whole life.
  87. can have an overall positive impact on your mental and physical health.
  88. shows you what you’re able to learn, even if you think you can not.
  89. releases muscle and mental tension.
  90. might help you overcome social or other types of anxiety.
  91. can help you reduce your daily level of stress.
  92. is known to make chronic pain easier to handle.
  93. builds a basis or framework for learning other things more easy.
  94. let’s you enjoy the power of passion.
  95. distracts you from worrying about the future or your past.
  96. pulls you into the actual moment.
  97. connect you to other people like your fellow musicians, bandmates or your audience.
  98. shows you that you don’t have to be in control of everything, but
  99. makes you enjoy being responsible for your own progress.
  100. improves your body development and a good posture.
  101. strengthens your memory and
  102. ability to concentrate for a longer period of time.
  103. trains your coordination on different levels. E.g. eyes and body.
  104. inspires you to give your best whenever you can.
  105. let’s you enjoy positivity for your body.
  106. opens up your mind for other cultures.
  107. is a way to boost your interest in starting learning new things again.
  108. just makes you happy.

Now you know it. This is my ultimate list of why I truly believe drumming is good for you, me and other people all around the globe.

What about you? Why do you think that drumming is good for you and others?

Share your favorite benefits of playing the drums in the comments.

And sure, also share this article.


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