What All Beginner Drummers Have To Know From The Start

Beginner drummers tips

Know what? Everybody starting out is part of the beginner drummers circle.

Ok, that’s no secret. And certainly no surprise.


There’s one big problem.

It often seems to me that nobody really wants to be part of the beginner drummers circle.

Everybody just wants to be FREAKING AWESOME from the start.

But this won’t work. And that’s the good news.

Why it’s great to be part of the beginner drummers

You know the feeling when you’re doing something for the first time?

You feel insecure. Uncertain. And awkward. Ok, maybe that’s just me? 😉

But I don’t think so.

So when you’re starting out on the drums, you don’t know what to do most of the time:

  • You’ve got no clue if you’re playing correctly.
  • The coordination seems like an unfamiliar language to you.
  • And don’t even talk about grooving!

I say: Embrace it!

Embrace every moment of it. Because the moment won’t come back.

You see: Beginner drummers are confronted with many things to learn.

It sometimes seems a little overwhelming. Or greatly overwhelming, to be honest.


You keep on learning. You’ll never be the “perfect” musician. Perfection is an illusion. Not only in music.

And yes, you can always play better. Faster. Or with more ease. Whatever.

The thing is:

You won’t make as much progress as you do in the beginning of your musical journey. It’s just an insane learning curve.

The one day, you don’t even know how to hold your drum sticks properly.

A week later, you’ve learned your first 12 beats.

Isn’t this amazingly cool?


Be proud of yourself to be a beginner drummer!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a good drummer or not in the beginning.

Manu, are you joking? No!

I mean, if you’re playing the drums as a hobby, it’s about you having fun. Right?


Also, during your years drumming, you’ll automatically learn new things.

And yes, you’ll get better with each practice-session, too.

So you think you suck at drumming right now?

Heck, I know what you mean!

We all feel like this now and then. (Even if most people don’t talk about it.)

Tips for beginner drummers

But you have to understand this:

You can only do what’s possible for you right now. Some things like becoming a skilled musician, you simply can’t force.

It just takes it time.

Pressure yourself won’t help you. To the contrary. You might feel bad about “just” being part of the beginner drummers circle.

And that’s really sad.

Playing the drums is so much fun. It shouldn’t be about impressing anybody.

Making music as a hobby is about expressing yourself.

I know: It might be hard to see and hear all the awesome drummers on YouTube, Instagram, or whatever Social Media platform you’re into.

And yes, I agree. It is easy to get jealous. But does it make you become or feel better?

NO. It just makes you feel worse.

So please, don’t start comparing yourself to other drummers.

You are who you are, and you make progress at your own pace. That’s perfectly fine. Just like what you can play right now.

You’ll always be starting out new

I’m not a drum newbie anymore. I’ve played over 14 years now. It even could be more, I don’t exactly recall.

However, I’ve still got A LOT to learn. Sometimes, I feel like a beginner drummer. I mean: Really!

That’s just how it is:

New things have to be learned.

This makes you humble.

And yes:

No matter how long you’ve been practicing the drums – there’s always something new to learn.

Don’t believe me?

Show me the perfect musician!

I bet you can’t. Because each drummer is great in his or her way of rocking the kit.

Also, what’s perfect for you might not be for me.

Beginner drummers: Stay curious and passionate! The rest will follow.

If playing the drums wasn’t a big love of yours, you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

If drumming wasn’t a big love of mine, I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

And this is something important you should know:

Rocking out behind a drum set is a lifelong journey. It can also be a lifelong love.

For me, I hope it is.

And I hope so for you, too.

So someday, you will not be part of the beginner drummers circle anymore. You become intermediate, advanced or maybe even professional.

The start won’t come back, obviously. Now, only the memories of playing your first drum beat, fill or gig remain.

Keep those memories dear. They are really special. I love to recall playing my first gig. Or learning to rock out to my first song on the kit.

It just makes me smile. Now, there are other comparable memories to things like this.

But to be honest: The beginning of my drumming journey is outstandingly special. It was the start of something I couldn’t even imagine.

Maybe it’s for you too? So don’t let this time slip away.

Embrace it.

And keep on love drumming. 🙂

But you will.


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Author: Manu Holmer

Hi, I'm Manu Holmer, nice to meet you! As a professional drummer and drum teacher, my vision is to help others transform their lives with the power of music. Let's not only play the drums. Feel the rhythm & and walk to our own beats!

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