Sucking At Drums? Here’s The One Thing You Must Know

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One thing. Only one thing you have to know about sucking at drums. What is this little secret? Let’s take a look at it.

Drum roll, please!

The secret is …

There is no secret. I’m sorry, I don’t want to disappoint you. But I feel I have to. The thing is:

Each and every one of us sometimes feels like sucking at drums. Please understand this: You’re not alone.

It’s not that you’re especially bad at drumming. No! You’re not.

You’re just still learning.

We all are. Or do you really think your drumming idol started out as the musical hero he or she is today?

You bet your ass not. Playing the drums in the Champions League is hard work.

Over and over again. For a long period of time, dedication, passion and patience. That’s all.

So you have to get up and do the work.

Also, benefit from professional advice when you feel you’re stuck. Drum teachers like me are always a great shortcut on musical journeys.

We’re all sucking at drums now and then

So Manu, you tell me that sucking at drums is something everybody does? Yeah, that’s what I do. But after all, I’m just a random female drummer with a blog.

You don’t have to take my word, of course. But maybe, just maybe, they will help you immensely.

Is there a better solution to the problem?

If you think you’re bad at drumming, you can practice and become better. Even great.

On the other hand:

If you think you’re sucking at drums, you can shrug your shoulders, do nothing about it, and keep being unsatisfied.

Obviously, you always have some options on how you react to your thoughts.

There is the productive brain-talk getting you going. And the one keeping you down where you certainly don’t want to be – the place where you feel like sucking at drums

Ask yourself: Are you willing to do the work to make the change? Then do it. Start now.

Or are you not?

The choice is yours.

And no: I don’t think there are particularly bad drummers out there. Each of them has a uniqueness to them, making them outstandingly great. You do too! And I as well.

I know that’s something you can argue about. And I sure know that some people like to play the competing game. You know … „I can play 5,64 bpm faster than this girl in the video. Why am I not the drummer here?!“

In Germany, we call this Schwanzvergleich.

And I tell you, that’s not part of a great mindset for a drummer. (Not to speak about how annoying it is. But the Schwanzvergleich deserves an article on its own.)

Still thinking you’re sucking at drums?

If you take away one helpful thought from this article, be it this: You’re not alone.

Not only you are sucking at drums. I do too sometimes. Others as well. And that’s perfectly fine.

Because we’re no drum machine, after all. We’re freaking music-loving humans!

As humans, we have the choice to learn and become better. So stop worrying about the drumming problems you’re having right now.

Focus on becoming the drummer who’s able to solve them.

Strive to become better. Not wish for the exercises to become easier.

Because let’s be real: They won’t.

So are you willing to do what it takes? Then grab a pair of drum sticks, make some mistakes and learn from them. Better start now – time will be on your side.

And as I said: I’m not here to judge or anything. I just had to learn some lessons for myself. This is one of the most important I’d love to share with you.

What you do about it is as always: up to you.


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Do you feel like sucking at drums too?


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