About My Drumming Blog & What’s In For You

Drumming is one of your biggest passions in life? You could spend the whole day behind your kit, playing fancy grooves and awesome licks? That’s great and certainly a time well spent. 🙂 And with my blog, I’d love to make your drumming routines even better!

I’m glad to present you my drums sheet music, drum hacks and knowledge about making music in general. My articles will be added to different categories for adults and children. Don’t worry: I’ve tagged them properly so you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 🙂

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Drumming & such: Main topics you’ll find on my blog

Drumming basics: Of course, the biggest one! 🙂 There will be three categories: Beginners, intermediate and advanced drumming.

Drums sheet music: Very important to share my ideas handy like this. You don’t know how to read drum notes? No problem, we’ll fix that!

Making music: We’re not only drummers, we’re musicians! 😉 So I’m glad to share my knowledge on this topic with you. In addition, you’ll be presented some motivational thoughts on becoming a better musician. I simply love this kind of stuff and I’ve been hugely inspired by famous motivational speakers myself.

Children: As a drum and cajon instructor, I’m teaching a lot of children. Three words: I love it! Therefore, I also like to continue this by writing about my music lessons for kids. This could be very helpful for music teachers and parents as well.

Adults: Afraid of starting playing the drums because of age? Don’t worry, it’s no big deal! Simply know your why, be patient and love what you’re about to do: Rocking the drum kit. 🙂

Blog about drumming

I’ll promise: There are some great moments ahead of us. 🙂 And I know for sure if the time is right you’ll be a good drummer, too.

Share your knowledge, too

As I’m a female drummer from Germany I’d like to point out that my English might not always be on point. I’m doing my best, however, and would be glad if you let me know if there is anything that I have could written in a more understandable way. 🙂

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and hope you have a wonderful time! Not only with drumming, but in general.


female drummer blogger

P.S: If you’re also interested in drum covers maybe you like to check out my YouTube channel sHe druMs.