How To Play Sixteenth Notes On Drums

How to play sixteenth notes drums

Sixteenth notes on drums? Love them! And I truly believe: You will as well.

For this reason, I made this ultimate guide. You’ll learn everything that you need to know about this lovely note value.

Ready? Let’s rock!

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Can You Practice Drums Without Drums?

Learn drums without drums

What? Practice drums without drums?! Hey Manu, you must be kidding. Or … is it possible?

Yep. It is.

That’s the short answer. You can practice drums without drums. No matter if you’re the acoustic or electronic drum type.

It’s possible.

But how? And what else is there to know about this style of learning? Let’s look into it.

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The Easiest Way To Learn Drums: 5 Tips For Your Drumming Success

Easiest Way Learn Drums

Easy. Just like the ABC. Is it? A lot of people wonder whether the drums are hard to learn or not. Also, the easiest way to learn drums is a frequently asked question.

So what is it?

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How Hard Is It To Learn Drums REALLY?

How hard is it to learn the drums

Ok, you want to become a drummer. Hey, congrats and a great decision! However, you might be wondering: How hard is it to learn drums? Really.

Am I going to have a tough time? And how long will it take me to become a good drummer?

I know, I know … these are very good questions. So to help you out, I’m going to answer both of them for you.

Let’s start off with the first one:

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3 Smart Ways To Sharpen Your Drumming Skills


What do a knife and your drumming skills have in common?

Both are tools to help you achieve a goal. With a sharpened knife, you can prepare delicious meals. With your sharpened drumming skills, you can rock out as hard as you want.

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How To Motivate Yourself To Practice The Drums Regularly

Practice the drums regularly tips

Practice the drums regularly is a crucial element to become the musician you want to be. However, it’s sometimes a tough task to sit down behind the kit to do what has to be done.

To help you find your personal routine, you’ll find tried and tested tips in this article. But first, let’s take a look at why practicing the drums regularly is so important for achieving your goals.

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How To Start Drumming [The Easy Way]


How to start drumming is a question I’ve been hearing a lot. I mean, it’s totally understandable:

  • Maybe you’ve dreamt to rock out on the kit for a long time now.
  • Maybe you’re just curious whether you might enjoy playing the drums.
  • Or maybe you’re trying out different musical instruments to finally find your personal favourite.
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