The Disco Drum Beat Every Drummer Should Learn

Easy disco drum beat for beginners PDF notes free

The disco drum beat is an awesome groove to learn.

It’s catchy, versatile, and makes people dance with a smile on their faces.

Basically, it’s a must-know drum beat for every drummer.

But how do you play the disco groove?

Let’s find out today. 🙂

In this short drumming guide, you’ll learn

  • a great-sounding and fun disco drum beat for beginners.
  • Free PDF drum notes included!

How To Learn The Disco Drum Beat For Beginners

Free drum notes PDF disco beat

Great drumming doesn’t have to be complex to be awesome.

The disco beat stands as a perfect example:

Despite its catchy character, its basic form is quite easy to learn.

If you take a look at our free drum notes PDF, you can see that our disco beat is

Nothing is too complicated, right?


That’s another reason why I adore the disco beat:

It’s accessible for every drummer while being really fun to play.

However, there are some things you need to pay attention to when learning this catchy groove.

Avoid This When Discoing On The Drum Set

First, it’s crucial to not flam your strokes.

When playing the disco drum beat and the

  • hi-hat,
  • snare and
  • kick

at the same time, they should sound like one note.

Please keep in mind:

Precise timing is the key to making the disco drum beat flow.

It doesn’t matter if you play slowly or want to drum faster.

Also, make sure not to rush or drag the hi-hat.

You can open it on the off beats, but you can also leave it closed.

Hi-hat openings are characteristics of disco beats on the drum kit, however.

At the same time, there are many variations of this beat to learn.

Check out this drumming tutorial if you want to know more about variations:

How To Disco Right Away

As I said before, the disco drum beat is quite easy to learn and play.

Yet, it can be a challenge to make it sound awesome.

That’s one of the hardest parts of learning the drums in general:

Anyone can play the drum set, but not everybody can make it sound great.

And how do you do so?

Feel the music and play it!

That’s why I highly recommend listening to music with the disco drum beat, including

  • Lionheart,
  • Cynical or
  • Born This Way.

Plus, there are A LOT more songs out there where you can hear the disco groove as well.

If you want to listen to more vintage sounds, you might also enjoy listening and playing to

  • Crying At The Discoteque by Alcazar
  • Believe by Cher or
  • Staying Alive by The BeeGees.

These songs rely on the disco beat or groovy variations of it.

Whatever you go for, however, have a great time drumming!

The disco drum beat is a lovely groove, and I’m sure you’ll adore it.


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