3 Highly Productive Things To Do Today As A Drummer

Highly productive things to do drum

Wondering about productive things to do today as a drummer? Awesome question.

Better answer:

In this article, you’ll find 3 great ideas to spice up your drum set practice routine from today on.

Let’s rock them, shall we?

Set a clear goal for everyday [1]

Drumming is great fun. But if you want to become a better drummer, you also benefit from a plan you can stick to.

Making one up is easier than it sounds, don’t worry.

Actually, it’s pretty cool:

Set one clear goal for each time you practice the drums.

This could be

  • increasing your ability to play a certain drum groove faster by a certain number of bpm,
  • learning a new drum fill by heart
  • or play through one certain song without any mistakes.

That’s it. One goal for each practice session.

Know the book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan?

If not, do yourself a favor and grab a copy now. It can change your whole time management as a drummer.

The author also writes about him learning to play the guitar.

So it’s actually written by a passionate hobby musician. 🙂 I really love the book!

And no: Unfortunately, I haven’t adapted all of his advices yet. Hey, everybody keeps on learning.

Record yourself while practicing the drums [2]

Want to be highly productive today? Keep track of your progress.

You can do this by writing in a journal.

However, recording yourself while practicing the drums is much better. The following steps help me a lot.

Maybe you want to try them:

  1. Grab your record cam or smartphone.
  2. Play the one exercise you want to work on today.
  3. Practice it from now on slowly, brainy, and repeat this until it works.
  4. Record yourself again while playing this exercise before you finish your session.
  5. Compare both recordings.

Do you notice a difference?

If not, you’ve found something you can keep on working. You do notice a difference? Awesome!

But do not start here. Add some variations to the exercise tomorrow. For example, you could change

  • dynamics,
  • the tempo or
  • just add or remove some instruments.

This is a highly productive way to achieve goals you set.

Because: You often don’t know what actually works until you’ve found it.

So you have to keep going. But that’s part of the game.

And when you know what works … you will know it. 🙂

Check & re-adjust your drumming goals [3]

There are many productive things to do each day, not only as a drummer. One hast to be checking and re-adjusting your personal goals.

Do they still suit you? Or are they no longer helpful?

Remember the Pareto principle or 20/80 rule:

Around 80 percent of the results are achieved by 20 percent of your effort.

I haven’t checked yet, but I know it from my blogs or YouTube channels as well:

There are some blog posts or articles getting WAY more views than the average piece of content.

I bet I could prove the Pareto principle working here, too.

  • So find out what drumming exercises help you the most.
  • Maybe drumming classes near you will do the trick.
  • Or jamming with a band is just what you need.

Whatever it is:

Stay productive, not busy.

Bonus tips: 2 more productive things to do each day as a drummer

With all the goal setting, plans and productive things to do … Where’s all the fun, you ask?

Between the lines!

Having fun is the essence of doing it. If it’s no fun – why should you do it?
I mean: Drumming is not your profession, right?

After all, this blog is meant to help beginner drummers to rock.

1To stay really productive, you have to love what you do. In our case: Learning the drum kit.

So make sure to get yourself loving your drum set practice time.

I don’t say:

Oh, just fool around the whole time.

Because this won’t help you achieve better results fasts.

However, goofing around after working concentrated on your one exercise for a day is a great way to enjoy yourself.


You can fool around, because you’ve learned something new.

That’s how I see it:

Work smart and party hard. Of course also behind the kit. 🙂

2 Getting inspired is one of the most productive things to do as a musician.


Inspiration got you into learning the drums in the first place.

So why did you start to play this lovely instrument?

Exactly: Because you wanted to do so.

Find this reason again. It’s your WHY as a drummer.

So what inspires you today?

  • Watching a video of your favorite female drummer on YouTube?
  • Buying a new drum book or online course?
  • Getting motivated by your drum teacher?

Whatever it is:

Get inspired!

Oh, and inspiration might also be provided by some drumming blogs. *wink*

Just saying. 🙂


Highly productive drumming blog

PS.: What productive things to do are on your daily list? Share it in the comments below!

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