To Anybody Who Wants To Learn Playing The Drums Someday

Learn playing the drums

Someday. Someday I’m going to learn playing the drums. But today, I can’t. And tomorrow is today again …

Sounds familiar?

I’ve been teaching the drums for over seven years now. Mostly, my students are kids and young adults.

However, I’m also happy to teach adults how to rock out on this lovely bunch of instruments.

And you know what?

So many parents and “older” drum newbies tell me: Manu, I’ve dreamt about learning to play the drums for years now. But I couldn’t – for of reasons.

I know:

There can be a lot of good reasons holding you back to learn playing the drums. We don’t need to talk about those. Everybody knows them.

  • Lack of health,
  • money or
  • time to spare comes to the mind.

However, we do have to talk about another crucial reason holding you back. It’s not the lack of money. It’s not too little time for practicing the drums on your hand. Or whatever.

The reason is you.

Which is often overlooked.

And I wish I did learn playing the drums when I could …

In Germany, we have a saying:

Du bereust nicht die Dinge, die Du getan hast. Du bereust die Dinge, die Du nicht getan hast.


You most likely don’t regret the things you did. In the end, you will mostly regret what you didn’t do.

Learning an instrument, having a fun time with your beloved ones or simply enjoy reading a great book – we tend to don’t have enough time for all these wonderful experiences.

But is this really true?

Why do so many people spend hours watching the TV and don’t have time for reading a book?

Is there a good reason to browse Facebook for hours on end when you could instead simply meet your friends in person?

And if you have the time to listen music every day. Why don’t you find the time to grab a pair of drum sticks and make some of your own?

A lot of people are able to do so. What’s holding you back?

Know your priorities

Yes, I know that you can’t have everything in life. But if it’s really important to you, you should at least try to get it.

I mean: You can do it.

Hell, why not?!

Learn playing the drums has been a dream of yours since your childhood?

Hey, maybe it’s the right time to finally make it come true. NOW. Not again tomorrow. Or next month. No! NOW.

Because the harsh truth is:

Someday, you will be too old to learn playing the drums. That’s when the final curtain calls.

Will you regret not taking action? ( And this certainly doesn’t count for learning the drums only.)

The answer is up to you.

But make sure it’s the most satisfying one you can get.



Ps.: Will you start drumming today?

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Author: Manu Holmer

Hi, I'm Manu Holmer, nice to meet you! As a professional drummer and drum teacher, my vision is to help others transform their lives with the power of music. Let's not only play the drums. Feel the rhythm & and walk to our own beats!

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