How You Can Establish A Healthy Mindset As A Drummer

Healthy mindset drummer tips

A healthy mindset? Sure, I got it!


You see, being a drummer is simply awesome. However, it can give you a hard time too. It can even make your days worse.

Manu, what are you talking about?

See, drumming is a lovely hobby or profession. But it’s also competitive, after all. And competition can give you a hard time.

Especially when the most harsh critic is you. Not other people.

And that’s more than often the case.

So today, let’s get you that healthy mindset you benefit most from not as a beginner on the drum set.

Why should you establish a healthy mindset in the first place?

I’m listening to a great speech by Jim Rohn right now. (Or at least when writing this article.)

He stated Murphy’s Law a few seconds ago. You know the one:

Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

And yes, that’s also true for drumming.

You see, some practice days, you’ll really think you suck big time playing the drums.

Other days, you feel like you’re on top of the world.

What’s better for your progress?

To be honest, I don’t know.

It depends on you:

If you think you’re a bad drummer, that’s not a healthy mindset. Because you’re not.

You just have to learn things. We all do. Learning comes from making mistakes a lot of times.

On the other hand:

If you get cocky and start to rest on what you’ve learned, you might fall flat on your nose.

And that’s certainly not healthy either.

So to

  • have a great time drumming,
  • make the progress you wish for
  • and still be open to everyday learning,

a healthy drumming mindset is crucial as a beginner and beyond.

How to define a healthy mindset for drummers

Talking about a healthy mindset, it’s hard for me to tell you

” … do this to become that.”

Because everybody is individual.

So to give you something to cling to, I’ll give you my definition of such a mindset you can work with.

Quick note: Its basis is the so-called growth mindset. In this article provided by, you can read more about it.

So what’s my definition then?

A healthy mindset for beginner drummers is being willing to learn. It’s also about staying curious. And it’s to not take yourself too serious.

Because let’s be serious here:

If everything’s about playing the drums, that’s likely not healthy.

There’s more to life than playing music. And yes, I’m a professional myself. But also more than that.

And you’re more than a beginner on the drums, too.

Why so serious?

When talking about a great mindset, it also incooperates others. Stay social and know this:

The success of others doesn’t make you less successful.

It can inspire you on a whole new level.

Imagine this:

This 7-year-old kid seems to be able to rock harder than you?

What do you say?

Find excuses for your jealousy?

Talk about your lack of time and stress the “what if you had much more time on your hands for practicing drum set …?”

Or are you able to embrace the kids’ love for drumming?

Being jealous is not often talked about. It’s also not a feeling being valued. But we all are jealous from time to time. We’re human.

That’s what we do – or at least most of us.

So when you’re jealous, take it as a reminder of what you really want from life.

And then: Use the following tips improving your mindset as a drummer.

3 crucial tips for establishing a helpful drumming mindset

If you want to establish a healthy mindset, you’ll have to work on it. It doesn’t come to you by accident. At least that’s very unlikely.

And let’s be honest: Our mindset mostly is far away from being helpful. We all struggle with things.

Doesn’t account for you? That’s awesome. Then, maybe you want to continue reading another article like this one here.

Your mindset’s not that helpful right now? Maybe you want to try the first tip now.

  1. Accept what is going on right now.

Acceptance is crucial. If you don’t accept what is right now, you’ll fight against yourself.

And no: I’m not talking about psychological issues. Don’t forget: I’m a musician and teacher – I can’t give you medical advice. (And I surely won’t.)

But: I can give you advice on things I’ve figured out so far on the drums.

So you first should accept what is going on for you on the drums, unless you can change it. Talking about:

2. The second step is to change, what you can and want to change.

  • You want to practice more regularly?
  • From now on, drumming is one BIG priority for you?
  • As a musician, you want to find a new band?

Those three examples are things you can change. It might be not that easy, yes. But if you are able to change something, you can do it.

I believe in you – you can change things like these.

Make sure you believe in yourself. That’s utterly important.

3. When no change is possible: Make the best out of it.

You know, sometimes you simple have to accept things. You might want to change them, but it’s simply not possible.

I give you an example:

You have always dreamt about learning to play the drums when you were a kid. Now you’re well into your 30s, and you still haven’t touched a drum set.

Thing is:

You can not turn back time. That’s a fact.

BUT: You can make the best out of your current situation, and maybe start drumming now.

Best wishes going out from me for this reason. I know you can do it.


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