How Hard Is It To Learn Drums REALLY?

How hard is it to learn the drums

Ok, you want to become a drummer. Hey, congrats and a great decision! However, you might be wondering: How hard is it to learn drums? Really.

Am I going to have a tough time? And how long will it take me to become a good drummer?

I know, I know … these are very good questions. So to help you out, I’m going to answer both of them for you.

Let’s start off with the first one:

How hard is drumming?

You see, most people learn their first drum beats and fill really fast. It’s quite easy to get into the basics of the drum set.

In fact, I’d say the start is way easier than learning the piano, in my opinion. Especially when you’re playing with both hands as a beginner.

However, things get to be more complex soon. And that’s when things start to change.

So yes, getting into the drums is no big deal. Becoming good at rocking the kit is a whole different story.

Speaking of:

How long does it take to be a good drummer?

I wrote about this before, but I’d like to repeat myself in this article, too. That’s because both questions go perfectly together.

After you learned that drumming is no easier to learn than any other music instrument, the stamina it takes to sharpen your skills is a great thing to know.

To be honest, I can’t give you a certain amount of time you have to practice. I simply can’t say:

Practice for 5 years, 2 hours, 58 minutes and 13 seconds. After this, you’ll be an awesome drummer.

No. That’s unfortunately not possible.

Also, you might have heard about the 10,000 Hour Rule. I really like this one, but it always has felt a little theoretical for me.

Let’s be real: To practice 10,000 hours, it at least takes some years. Who would take notes of the actual time spent practicing except scientists?

Plus: I’ve also read that the rule is also critized by some.

As you’re a drummer to be, you might also want to know this: Buddy Rich is said to have never practiced like crazy.

He did play music and he already was a child protogy known for his drumming skills.

Could he have practiced for 10,000 hours at that young age? Maybe, but I highly doubt it.

So yes, everybody has a different pace in learning things.

That’s the same with the question you came here for:

How hard is it to learn the drums, Manu?

Thing is: Everybody feels different about it. For me, the first steps have always been really easy. I also see this with like 95 % of my students.

After some months and maybe years, things tend become tougher. I also noticed this in my own musical career.

You would think the contrary, right? But no. That’s because our drum rhythms get to become more complex.

(Or maybe we just want them to be. But that’s another story.)

So please keep in mind that nobody else can really answer both questions for you.

I’m afraid you have to find out on your own how hard it is to learn drums. But hey, that’s part of the fun! 🙂

Have a great time and keep on rocking.


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Author: Manu Holmer

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