Triplet Drum Grooves Free PDF Sheet Music

Free Drum Notes Triplet Beats

Triplet drum grooves?

One word: YEAH!

It can’t be just me, right? 🙂

So in this article, you’ll find a free drum notes PDF with fancy & fun to play drum beats.

Each of them is based on triplets.

In addition to your sheet music, you’ll also find some helpful practice tips.

Because let’s be real:

Triplets are awesome, but can be a challenge not only for beginners behind the kit.

To start off with, let’s take a look at our grooves.

Free PDF Sheet Music With Triplet Drum Grooves

Triplet Drum Grooves Beginners

9 triplet drum grooves are waiting to be learned by you on your notes.

They are all written in 4/4 and based on eighth note triplets and rests.

If you like, however, you can change the time signature as you please.

But beware, this is more intermediate stuff.

When you’re a drum starter, I’d recommend you to practice each triplet grooves as written on your free PDF.

Start with the first one and learn each of them until you can remember it.

However, DO NOT stop here.

This is where the real fun begins.

(Ok, it’s not. You’re already having fun. But you get my point – and it’s a smooth transition. :-D.)

How You Can Practice Your Triplet Drum Beats The Easy Way

You’ve just downloaded your free PDF.

Now, you take a look at the notes and think:

Hey, I can handle it. (Sure you can!)

But you might not know how to start. Ok, here’s the deal:

There are various different ways to practice anything on the drum set.

For me, there is not the best way.

Your practice method totally has to suit you.

However, I found out that there are smarter ways to learn something on the drums than others.

It’s obviously not about WHAT you do.

The HOW makes a difference.

So here are my best tips to help you practice – not only triplet drum grooves – smarter:

  1. As stated on the sheet music, practice each beat with different cymbals. Start off with your hi-hats or ride. Then, add some crash or splash accents.
  2. Mesmerize each beat! This will help you to play it without thinking about it in the long run. Also, that’s how you build your own drumming repertoire.
  3. Use the metronome and practice with some of your favorite songs. By doing so, you will build a good timing.
  4. Change the order in which you practice each triplet drum groove. Don’t just always play bar 1, 2, 3 etc. Be creative! Play 1, then bar 9 and switch to 6 and 2. This will also help you read drums sheet music faster.
  5. Change your pace and dynamics when practicing. Play each exercise way slower, louder or quieter than you’re used to. Get musical.
  6. Add more kick or snare beats as you go. Your drum notes are just a tool to help you learn new things. You can always spice this up by mixing it with your own ideas.

A Final Word Of Motivation: Be Patient

Triplets are a great note and rest value.

However, they can give you kind of a hard time.

After all, you might not be that familiar with them.

So it probably will take some practice time to get used to their feel.

To speed this process up, I highly recommend listening to music with triplets in it.

This will totally help you play them with more ease.

Also, it’s just way more fun to know how something you learn can sound after you’ve learned it. 🙂

Take my drums only cover of Black Night by Deep Purple for example.

It has some really cool triplet drum grooves in it.

Just like fancy fills.

And yes, I also played a drum solo at the end of the song.

But that’s a topic for another story.

To sum things up, take your take learning the 9 triplet drum grooves on your free drum note PDF.

Remember that learning to play the drums – or any other music instrument – is a marathon and no sprint.

This will take a lot of pressure from your shoulder.

So seize the day!

Whether behind the kit or not.


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