Is Drumming Easy?

Is drumming easy or hard

Is drumming easy or hard? That’s a great question. And one I happen to hear a lot. Unfortunately, there’s no overall answer. It depends, after all.

To help you make a decision for learning drums, however, I’ll share some personal advice with you.

Is Drumming Easy Or Hard? That’s Individual

To start off, let’s do some real talk:

On the drums, you’ll learn your first beats and fills quite easy.

It’s also possible to drum to some awesome songs after a real short period of time.

We Will Rock You is a great example for this.

Many of my students are able to play to this classic song just after the first drum lesson!

However, things might get a little more complex.

And no: Just because We Will Rock You might be easy to play on drums, there’s way more to it.





This list could go on.

After all, it’s not what you play. It’s HOW you play something on the drums.

This is one reason why drumming is not necessarily easy because something sounds easy.

Actually, if something does, it’s probably because the drummer has practiced a lot and built some great skills for this reason.

But this would be worth another blog post.

Drums Are Just Like Any Other Musical Instruments

Is drumming easy?

My answer has to be yes and no. Yes because you can learn the basics relatively fast.

I say relatively.

So if you want to play to a great piece of music, you can do so in a short period of time. At least if you go for songs suitable for drum beginners.

On the other hand, mastering a music instrument does take its time.

You will never be able to know how to play anything on it.

Consequently, there’s ALWAYS something new you can learn.

Experts say that it takes you 10,000 hours of mindful practice to become a professional in any certain field.

May it be writing, in sports or playing a music instrument like the drum set.

So, you get the idea: Drumming is easy and a challenge at the same time. It’s a yes and a no.

That’s what I truly love about it.

What do you think?


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