Drum Practice: And What’s Next?

Drum set what practice next

Man … I’ve got no clue. What should I practice next? There’s just so much to learn on the drums.

Argh, I’m really stuck right now. Not cool!

Sounds familiar?

If you’re a drummer and you don’t know what to practice next, this article will help you find your answer easily.

How to decide on what to practice next: Your goal is the key

You can learn A LOT on the drum set. That makes for a great time! Also, it can be a little overwhelming.

Because sometimes, you just don’t know what to practice next.

To find out what you should do now, skip to your goal. Don’t try to figure out what to practice now.

Instead, set the next goal you want to reach. This could be

By focusing on your goal, the road to your next practice step becomes clear.

Don’t make things too complicated

In terms of goal setting, it’s important to keep things smooth and simple. Especially when you’re a beginner on the drums, this tip is worth a lot.

So to find out what to practice next, simply decide on ONE thing you want to master within a certain amount of time.

Here’s an example:

  • Your big goal is to learn the song Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.
  • The time frame is set to three months from this day on.
  • Now you can extract your smaller goals. Those are the things what to practice next. Choose one of them an start working on it now. For example, learning the main beat is a great way to go.

By focusing on one step at a time, you can master a long way. That’s what learning to play the drum kit is:

Quite a long journey. There’s always something new to master.

And that’s the cool thing about it!

Let’s sum up the steps from this article again. It’s important not to understand them, but to integrate them in your drum practice routine as well.

How to decide on what to practice next – your 5 steps to success

  1. Decide on one big goal you want to reach.
  2. Break it down to smaller drumming goals.
  3. Focus on one of them.
  4. Start practicing.
  5. Repeat.

Sounds easy? It is. You just got to know where to start. So do it – start now! πŸ™‚


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