6 Fun & Easy Drum Grooves For Beginners + Free PDF Download

Easy drum grooves for beginners

Looking for fun & easy drum grooves for beginners?

Glad you’re here.

In this blog post, I’m sharing 6 drum grooves perfectly suited for starters.

Here’s what they look like:

Easy drum grooves for beginners

They are a solid basis for starting your drumming journey.

To help you understand what makes each beat worth your time, I will also include helpful tips alongside each rhythm.


I’m including a piece of drums sheet music as a free PDF download.

Grab it by clicking on this button:

A Classic Drum Groove Rocks

Easy drum groove for starters

Our first drum groove for beginners is one we all know and love:

It’s the rhythm heard in Queen’s classic hit We Will Rock you.

Probably, this might be one of the most famous grooves in the world.

I think I’ve never met a music lover who didn’t know We Will Rock You.

Or its stand-out rhythm.

So this beat is a great choice for learning as a drum beginner.

That’s because it’s not only quite easy to learn, but you also know how it should sound.

Let’s Get Funky With Two Offbeat Beginner Drum Grooves

Our second and third drum grooves for beginners look really similar.

That’s because they are.

However, they differ hugely in terms of the note values you’re going to play.

Let’s take a look at each beat, starting with beat number 2.

Drum beat with quarter notes

As you can see, this groove contains four quarter notes.

You play them in a linear way which means you only play one instrument at a time.

Compare this way of playing this lovely offbeat:

Eighth notes offbeat drumming

This one also is a linear drum groove, but containing straight eighth notes.

When you’re playing rhythm 2 + 3, you will soon notice their similar sounding character.

However, the note values make a big difference.

To understand this, play a certain tempo, like 60 BPM.

Now, play each of our two beats.

You’re going to notice that the rhythm with quarter notes feels way slower than beat number 2, the groove with eighth notes (the offbeat one).

The Floor Tom Defining This Awesome Drum Groove For Beginners

You know the song Blitzkrieg Bop by Ramones?

If so, you’ll love our next drum groove for beginners.

It’s related to it, have a look:

Floor tom drum beat

You don’t know the classic tune Blitzkrieg Bop?

Make sure to change that now:

It’s an awesome drum groove and piece of music history.

Pretty raw and forward going.


I did include the original groove in this blog post about Punk drum beats.

Both Hands On The Hat? YEAH!

As you can see, the next drum groove has a lot going on the cymbals.

More precisely, you play a lot of hi-hat beats.

I recommend playing them hand to hand.

This means, you play single alternated strokes on the hi-hat:

Both hand hi-hat beat

By doing so, you will play the snare linear or without any other instrument.

Watch your sticking!

You want to play one-handed?

Then you play the snare and hi-hat together:

Drums hi-hat beat

This is a great choice for slower tempos.

How Do I Define Drum Grooves For Beginners?

When I’m writing about great drum grooves for beginners, I’m considering factors like

  • the usability of the drum grooves,
  • how they sound and
  • how much fun they are to play.

Also, the beats are not too complex as they are meant for starters.

However, you can have lots of fun with them, no matter how sharp your drum skills already are.

Remember, it’s about how you play and less about what you play.

Your attitude will make each drum groove sound and feel different.

That’s another awesome thing about each of our grooves:

It’s different because we, as drummers and human beings, are.

So have fun learning our fun & easy drum grooves for beginners!


Don’t forget to add some kick or additional snare strokes to the beats.

This will make them even more interesting to play.


Drum grooves for beginners
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