Does Drumming Improve Your Life? Here’s Your Answer

Does drumming improve your life?

Does drumming improve your life?

  • Yes,
  • no,
  • maybe?

To be honest, the answer to this question has to be 100 % opinion-based.

Because what makes my life better, might be pretty dull for you.

And vice versa.

However, as you’re reading this blog, I’m happy to share my thoughts with you.

Maybe they’ll help you to decide whether to learn the drums.

Or maybe you’re just curious.

But let me say it straight: I will not be neutral.

Hey, it’s my drumming blog after all! 😀

Does drumming improve your life? OF COURSE!

If I wouldn’t be a musician, my life would be so different.

I wouldn’t be the same person.

And that’s crazy to think about.

In fact, I know I wouldn’t be the Manu I am today.

What’s even more crazy:

Me becoming a drummer really happened by accident.

But that’s a whole different story …

So yes, drumming has changed my life drastically.

Has it improved it too?

Sure it did!

For example, making music gives me a natural opportunity to express my feelings.

No matter if it’s anger, love or pure happiness – my drumming is kind of a blank paper I’m able to write any emotion I’d love to on.

This really feels good on so many levels.

Also, it’s great fun. 🙂

In addition, drumming helps me to improve my creativity.

It is a great way for getting my brain to work too.

Yes, the best music is not thought of, but felt.

However, you have to practice first.

So it is thinking, then feeling I guess.

At least, this could be said about me. 😉

How drumming improves your life too

Drumming is A LOT of fun.

Making music in general is – no matter if you’re jamming with others or playing on your own.

It gets you going with creativity, helps to boost your self awareness as well as your self-esteem.

In addition, drumming can help you cope with different forms of anxiety or anger.

As I said: No scientific facts here.

I’m talking about own experiences.

So these advantages are a great starting-point, right?

Yes, I agree.

However, playing the drums also decreases stress and lifts your mood at the same time.

It’s meant to be a relaxing spare-time activity for most of us, after all.

You don’t know, but if you try it yourself

The question to begin with was:

Does drumming improve your life?

As I said, I totally think so.

However, I’m me and not you.

It’s about your life.

So if you REALLY want to get the best answer for you, you have to try drumming for yourself.

Only after your personal test, you will be able to say: I so agree with Manu.

Or not. 🙂

Does drumming improve your life, too?

If so, maybe you want to share your experiences down in the comments below.

And if you don’t want to, that’s perfectly fine as well.

Take care & cheers!

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Author: Manu Holmer

Hi, I'm Manu Holmer, nice to meet you! As a professional drummer and drum teacher, my vision is to help others transform their lives with the power of music. Let's not only play the drums. Feel the rhythm & and walk to our own beats!

2 thoughts on “Does Drumming Improve Your Life? Here’s Your Answer”

  1. Of course…drumming improves ALL honest to goodness drumming folks! My life, is 2000% better, since I started drum lessons at 8 and was on stage 2 days a week , playing in a cute kid trio for 4 years. Now, at 76 yo, I play 5 days a week for my self, acoustic cymbals and E – drums. The neighbors, everywhere I have lived, love it.
    I was the drum line Captain in High School and trained on Vibroharp, Marimba , Trapani. Had my own group, The DR ROCK BAND for 30 yrs in Orange County CA.
    Moved to Nashville for 10 yrs & meet tons of musicians. I was a practicing surgeon for 50 yrs,which allowed me privileged access to treating many World Musical Artists.
    I am a better person for Drumming.
    Music has always been a huge part of my life experience.
    Love to talk more if you contact me.

    1. Hi Tim,

      thanks for sharing your experiences and your musical journey.

      Pretty impressive, keep up the great work! 🙂

      I also totally agree with you: I am a better person for Drumming.

      Defintely, wonderfully said.

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