Grab Your Free MP3 Happy Birthday Playback [Piano] For Practicing Drums, Bass & Any Other Music Instrument To

Happy Birthday play back piano

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. A happy birthday dear drummer, bass girl, guitarist, banjo player, piano boy … Happy birthday to you!

Ok, this might have gotten out of hand. 😉 But hey, it suits today’s topic perfectly!

In this drumming guide, I’m sharing a Happy Birthday playback with you. I used an arrangement by Laurent Buczek as a basis for it.

However, I did add an extra part.

I like to play some kind of drum solo there. You can use this play along as you like, too.

Feel free to grab my free MP3 now.

And if you like: Let’s take a look at how you can practice with this piano play back as a drum set beginner.

Proven Tips On How To Play Happy Birthday On Drums

Happy Birthday is a piece written in the 3/4 time signature.

This can be a little tricky for new drummers.

However, it’s not too complicated if you take care of the basics.

Those are:

  • Listening to the Happy Birthday playback several times. That’s really important! You should be able to know which part of the song comes next.
  • This works? Great. Now make sure to concentrate on a single drum beat in 3/4. provides you with some cool grooves in 3/4.
  • Also, make sure to test other ideas you can come up with. Maybe you want to add drum fills as well.

I did this too. You can hear one of my versions in this video:

How To Practice With A Play Along As A Drum Beginner

As mentioned before, listen closely to the song.

Then practice some 3/4 drum beats you enjoy.

A critical part is to get a good feeling for this time-signature.

As Happy Birthday is a commonly known piece of music, you should be fine with this after a relatively short time of practice.

On the other hand, make sure to take your time.

There’s hopefully no rush in learning the piece.

You should really build on a reliable basis with your drumming.

Imagine this like building a house:

The fundament (one drum beat in 3/4) has to be solid.

It is?

Now you can add more bricks (grooves or fills) one at a time.

One Additional Tip!

Oh, and before I forget:

Try different variations of playing the drums to Happy Birthday as well.

There are SO many ways of playing it.

The MP3 is with a straight musical feeling.

However, the original arrangement asked for a shuffle.

I didn’t do this because I use the Happy Birthday play along in my drum lessons, too.

And I like the non-shuffled version better. 🙂

So, I hope you have fun with your free Happy Birthday playback.

As I said, use it as you like.

Maybe you want to record a YouTube video with it? If so, definitely let me know about it!


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