How To Become The Confident Drummer You Aspire To Be

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Being the confident drummer:

That’s when you know how to play, right?


And no.

Being confident as a drummer is not necessarily bound to your drumming skills.

It’s more like a state of mind, an attitude, or a mindset.

Everybody can become a confident drummer.

But how?

Find out today!

My Definition Of Being The Confident Drummer

For me, a confident drummer can be a beginner or an expert.

It really doesn’t matter!

That’s the best part when it comes to real musical confidence.

When you’re convinced you can successfully master even the hardest tasks you’re confronted with, you’re self-confident.

And yes, you can still be

  • in doubt,
  • struggle sometimes or
  • be terrified of the drumming challenges you’re facing.

That’s what a confident drummer for me is:

A human being who accepts his or her individual strengths and weaknesses.

Despite this knowing, however, he or she acts towards the big dream.


The self-confident drummer can be terrified and experience failure.

Still, he or she acts to become a better version of him- or herself.


Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is being afraid, while still taking action.

Easy Tips For Becoming More Confident Playing The Drums

A high level of self-confidence is not something you simply have or don’t have.

You can train it.

One proven tip for doing so is to regularly achieve small goals.

Such small wins add up to more self-confidence over time.

And what is a small or bigger win?

That’s up to you!

Maybe a small win is to mesmerize a new fill every week.

A big win could be finding the courage to jam with others for the first time.

You define your personal goals.

Nobody else.

Seek Constructive Feedback And Advice

Another tip for increasing your drumming confidence is to get a mentor or professional drum lessons.

Expert drum teachers offer

  • constructive feedback,
  • tips on improving your mindset
  • and exercises maximizing your drumming skills.

You can also try positive affirmations or visualize your success.

A healthy mindset is worth gold when you want to become a much more confident drummer!

Not Yet A Confident Drummer? Do It Anyway!

I’ve been playing the drums for more than 15 years now.

During this time, I got a lot of love and critic.

Still, I love to play the drums to this day on.

Hey, I even blog about it!

And yes, I’m still terrified sometimes.

  • Terrified of screwing up a concert.
  • Terrified of sucking as a drummer.
  • And terrified of harsh comments on my blog posts.

Still, I give my best to do what I feel I need to do.

Sometimes, that’s enough.

And sometimes not.

So what?

We’re all human beings.

Becoming the confident drummer you aspire to be is a lifelong task.

It starts with the first step.

Don’t beat yourself up because you’re afraid or struggling.

We ALL do!

Think of one thing that makes you proud today:

And then repeat it tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow.

And so on.

Soon, you will notice a change of heart.

You get more confident step-by-step.

Also after breaks or set backs.

Grow with the flow!

All the best with that.



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Author: Manu Holmer

Hi, I'm Manu Holmer, nice to meet you! As a professional drummer and drum teacher, my vision is to help others transform their lives with the power of music. Let's not only play the drums. Feel the rhythm & and walk to our own beats!

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