What Do You Learn From Drumming?

What to learn by drumming

What do you learn from drumming?

Well …

I guess to play the drums? 😀


Not so funny joke aside: There’s more to it.

Learning to play the drums has quite some benefits to offer.

Finally, it’s not about hitting a bunch of drums and cymbals by accidents.

There’s a lot to learn from drumming besides of cool beats and rhythms.

In this article, let’s dig into the mindset part of learning this lovely set of instruments.

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How To Finally Start Believing In Yourself As a Drummer

Start believing in yourself as a drummer

May I ask a question? Are you believing in yourself as a drummer? Or would you say that you’re at maximum an ok musician?

Maybe you’re just experiencing a not so nice episode in your musical journey right now. You literally think everything you do or play suck.

But this will pass by. Even if you don’t see the end of this exhausting stage now.

It could be that you lack self-confidence as a drummer as well. Know the nagging feeling inside you?

Also, it does not have to be triggered by any external event.

You just feel like you suck at drumming.

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What Kind Of Drummer Do You Want To Be?

Kinds of drummers

He took a glimpse into the mirror. What he saw was no big surprise: Big green eyes, small lips. 12 wrinkles on his forehead. He had taken this process many times before. Simply look into the mirror. See what’s still there. And ask himself one single question: What kind of drummer do you want to be?

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How You Can Establish A Healthy Mindset As A Drummer

Healthy mindset drummer tips

A healthy mindset? Sure, I got it!


You see, being a drummer is simply awesome. However, it can give you a hard time too. It can even make your days worse.

Manu, what are you talking about?

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Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To Other Drummers

Why you shouldn't compare yourself to other drummers

Do you compare yourself to other drummers?

And if so: Why?

Do you think it helps you to become better?

Or do you do it just for the fun of it?

To be perfectly honest, I too used to compare myself to other drummers back in my beginner days.

I guess that’s the nature of us humans:

We want to be better than … Or at least be as good as …

Am I right? 🙂

However, comparing yourself to person X or Y doesn’t help you.

On the contrary, it’s mostly a waste of your precious time.

At least that’s what I learned a long time ago.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

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