Why You Need To Practice Drumming Smart & How To Do So

Smart drum practice tips

Wait … Practice drumming smart? Isn’t hard the way to go?

Well. Yes. And no.

After all, you will have some other tasks to do besides of practicing the drum kit.

So it’s necessary to spend your available time wisely.

For this reason, practicing hard might not be the best decision for you. It’s the smart way

  • saving you time while
  • helping you achieve your drumming goals

right as you go.

So, how do you practice drumming smart? Let’s look into it.

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Why Great Drumming Doesn’t Need To Be Complex

Great drumming not complex

Great drumming … Look at her!

She’s such an awesome drummer.

Wow, I bet she must have the best drumming technique on earth.

Said no one ever.

Ok, some actually do.

And hey, I don’t blame them.

But does great drumming REALLY equal complex beats, fills and time signatures?

For me? Nope. Not at all.

Here’s why.

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What’s The Most Reasonable Drum Set Price For Beginners?

Drum set price beginners

What?! Is this really a drum set price? That’s like buying a freaking car!

Said a lot of people seeing the prices of high-end kits for the first time.

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Try These 8 Smart Hacks For Learning To Drum Faster

Play drums faster hacks

I am sad. And frustrated. When I sit down to play the drum kit, I’m so slow. Everything’s so slow. Do I play any good? Argh, this sucks. I do … 🙁

Sounds familiar?

A lot of drummers would agree. Especially beginners, but we all do now and then. So it’s the question of how you can drum faster that sometimes seems to be on our mind 24/7.

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How Hard Is It To Learn Drums REALLY?

How hard is it to learn the drums

Ok, you want to become a drummer. Hey, congrats and a great decision! However, you might be wondering: How hard is it to learn drums? Really.

Am I going to have a tough time? And how long will it take me to become a good drummer?

I know, I know … these are very good questions. So to help you out, I’m going to answer both of them for you.

Let’s start off with the first one:

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Read This Before Buying Cheap Drums For Beginners

Tips buying cheap drums for beginners

Cheap drums for beginners seem to be a no-brainer:

You just want to start out on a small buck and see if you like to learn the drum set.

Fact is, you don’t want to spend too much as a newbie behind the kit.

Also, it could be that you simply don’t have a lot of money for buying a drum set.

That also is a damn good reason for choosing an affordable kit.

No matter which reason you have looking for cheap drums:

It’s totally understandable.

On the other hand, I’m a drum teacher. So I need to state this too:

Don’t compromise too much when purchasing a drum kit.

Here’s why.

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How Do Drummers Keep Tempo?

Drummer Tempo and Timing

So you’ve seen a great drummer at a gig. The guy or girl was playing awesome. You definitely had to wonder: Wow, how do drummers keep tempo?

I mean: It’s almost like you’re listening to a clock, right?

And yes, you kind of are.

It’s the so-called inner clock skilled drummers rely on.

The outer clock’s important too.

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Is Playing Drums In An Apartment Impossible?

Can you play drums in an apartment?

Playing drums is great. Playing drums in an apartment … Well, it depends.

To be honest: Most of the time, it’s a tough task to master.

We don’t have to talk about the reasons, right?

However, you can make playing drums in an apartment work with a few adjustments. So it’s not impossible.


Let’s look into it, shall we?

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